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my evil nature October 27, 2008

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I took this quiz from my favorite watch website, Swatch, and the result is:

You are 86% Elektra King From the movie The World Is Not Enough (1999)”

You appear totally irresistible but inside you are an electrifying siren. Once you have fluttered your eyes and caught someone in your spell there is no way out. As soon as you have sacrificed one victim you are already on the lookout for the next one.



After Months of Hiatus July 4, 2008

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Hey hey!

After months of hiatus blog, I’ve decided to update it.

Life mostly busy with writing articles and film reviews for this film magazine, and also practising for the upcoming choir competition. Also (again) with sidejobs.

Check the new link I have put. Do pry! ;)


Alone at the office March 17, 2006

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I really want to go home soon. I’m not feeling well because of this flu-will-be :( Plus, I’m feeling low…

These are some little stories of what happened these past few weeks:

Hm, after a week or more without an internet connection, to have it back is quite a blessing. At that time, I was mad because they cutdown the internet (yup, it’s the office). How was I supposed to get updates & etcetera etcetera in doing my job? After some complains from other co-workers, finally, we had it back *yay!* Back to online world again, hehe…

I’ve just finished reading the last book of the (Double) Trilogy of Griffin & Sabine’s Extraordinary Correspondence. It was good and has a marvellous artworks. The ending… still an enigma. Maybe that’s why made the book was so enchanting. The first time I read the trilogy was in 1997, and I became the loyal fan of it since then.

I went to Java Jazz


Viva El Jomblo! January 24, 2006

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Hari ini nonton perdana film Jomblo di EX. Asyik banget! Semua cast & crew datang. Senang deh. Filmnya… hahaha… lucu! Ringgo kocak banget aktingnya. Overall, it’s ok. Pengen nonton lagi ah :)


Hello world! January 9, 2006

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