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Logout: Illustration & Art Exhibition September 10, 2007

Filed under: art/design,artworks — ayumurti @ 9:25 pm

I was invited to join this exhibition. The idea of my artwork is to “color the sketch/illustration with threads”. Size is 20×20 cm. The exhibition was held at Concept Shop/AEDI Gallery at Kemang Utara, Jakarta on Sept 7, 2007. The opening night was fun, the crowd was nice, and the atmosphere was ‘asyik’. I really would like to make more artworks next time. Semangat!


3 Responses to “Logout: Illustration & Art Exhibition”

  1. Esti Says:

    Such a lovely and creative artwork! I like the idea of stitching the flower and the grass (is it?), and framing your picture. Very neat, simple, yet charming! Congrats on the exhibition!

    Got to your blog through Vahd’s. So, hello!

  2. ayumurti Says:

    thank you, esti. hello for you too. nice to meet you here. :)

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