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Electricity Down (alias mati lampu) June 27, 2007

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Since Sunday 24.06.2007, the electricity in Setiabudi, Jakarta is down. Due to explotion in one of PLN (our public electrical company). The whole area at Setibudi is in dark, the houses, flats, buildings. It said that it will be fixed, err i mean, running as usual on this Thursday, but they said that it will extend until the end of the week. Ck… ck… menyebalkan sekali. So at the moment, my office building electricty is running on genset. It needs 100 liters of solar fuel per hour on minimum usage. During work day it needs 200-300 liters on maximum usage. With the extended mati lampu, the building would need 11 millions rupiah to buy solar fuel stock to last until Sunday. Geez!

(need to get home soon. will add this post tomorrow. sorry hehe)


2 Responses to “Electricity Down (alias mati lampu)”

  1. Stamatis Says:

    hi.. just droppin’ by your site.. it’s really cute… nice work!

  2. sonny Says:

    wah keren blogger dengan bahasa inggris wkwkkw…salam :)

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