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Happy Anniversary Dear Old Jakarta! June 22, 2007

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Today is the 480th anniversary of Jakarta. A remarkable number indeed. Once called the “Jewel from the East”, Jakarta boasts for its beautiful historical old city yet the buildings can not compete with the commercial value sought by the business atmosphere. Here, mostly, it seems everything need to be new, modern, and hi-tech. So they would tear down the building and build something. Personally, i like the old buildings. They have the aura of past and it is as if we’re in another time when we are inside it.

Anyway, happy anniversary Jakarta. Have a great weekend. I’ll write more in the next week, and perhaps with some photos :P This weekend I’ll write a gadgets review article and will go to CCF’s Fete de la Musique. Hope to have fun :)


One Response to “Happy Anniversary Dear Old Jakarta!”

  1. andy fuller Says:

    hmmmmm……..ayu……….it would be great to see some photographs of old jakarta.
    batavia, then djakarta and now ‘jakarta’. with so many advertisements in english in jakarta, i’m thinking may be one day it will be called ‘juckarter’one day. but of course, i hope not!
    do you have any favourite cerpen atau roman which talk about jakarta? what about pramoedya’s collection, ‘tempoe doeloe’? i haven’t read that yet. but i think you have….if i remember correctly.
    looking forward to your next blog!

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