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jco-ing, sushi-ing, swim-(m)ing June 18, 2007

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The weekend started on Friday night. Went to J-Co to eat yummy donuts at Citos with friends. So good to think it was finally weekend while munching the donuts and chatting. On Saturday, as usual went to choir practising. After that, I went sushi-ing at my favorite sushi place, Poke Sushi. Super yummy! We chose the ‘all you can eat’ program and ordering sushi/sashimi all the time. On Monday, woke up late in tne morning err… it actually almost noon, doing this and that, and went swimming. So so good. I haven’t swam for couple of months and this one definitely triggered me to swim more often. I need it too to increase my lung capacity (for singing). Less than 2 months to the choir competition. Semangat!


4 Responses to “jco-ing, sushi-ing, swim-(m)ing”

  1. Kuswanto Says:

    Semangat!! Looks like you had a fantastic weekend :-) . Well i got a shitty weekend, cramped with works.

    I love to see you holding the competition trophy on this Blog ;) . Good luck Ayu..

  2. andy fuller Says:

    i agree with chandra. where’s the foto? i want to see proof that you did all of those things…hahahahha… no……..i just want to see the sushi…the restaurant etc etc etc. have you ever eaten at the japanese restaurant in radio dalam?

  3. ayu Says:

    :P really need to have a digital camera, indeed.
    i have eaten there! the restaurant’s name is Sushitengoku. i went there one time only. good sushi, tho.

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