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Downtown Jakarta at Night June 5, 2007

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It’s surprisingly a beautiful night view. Compare to the polluted looking at day, this one looked like shining jewels. The houses below are in dark. This view was taken from my office building rooftop on 9th floor.


10 Responses to “Downtown Jakarta at Night”

  1. sigit Says:

    ah akhirnya diupdate juga :-D

  2. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya di update. Selametan nih, pake potong kambing ga??

  3. ayu Says:

    doakan rajin ngisinya, hihihi…

  4. saa Says:

    iya hairnya di apdet
    i really like dis pik.
    i miss that city at nite. travel in the taxi at night tru the sea of lite

  5. andy fuller Says:

    fotonya bagus banget. kayaknya aku ada di jakarta lagi. aku teringat pada kostku di setiabudi. hmmm…….aku ada request. boleh nggak ayu? pingin lihat foto-foto dari simpang gatot subroto dan jl.rasuna said. ada street art bagus di situ. rajin-rajinlah biar orang luar semakin tahu tentang jakarta dan siapa ayu. dahhhhhhhhh dari richmond.

  6. vahd Says:

    such an adorable picture. makes anyone who sees it feels like he’s having a new pair of eyes.


  7. ayu Says:

    thank you saa, andy, vahd :)

  8. andy fuller Says:

    hey ayu-
    it would also be good to see a photograph of the same place during the day. also, i’d like to see some photographs of what is happening at ground level.
    but of course, this is not strictly a photoblog, so, i’d be interested to know of your experiences when you walk through the area that you have photographed and what you see there etc.
    keep up the good work.

  9. yasmina Says:

    Che bello! This is not the Jakarta that I know… :)

  10. ayu Says:

    thank you, yas :)

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