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Electricity Down (alias mati lampu) June 27, 2007

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Since Sunday 24.06.2007, the electricity in Setiabudi, Jakarta is down. Due to explotion in one of PLN (our public electrical company). The whole area at Setibudi is in dark, the houses, flats, buildings. It said that it will be fixed, err i mean, running as usual on this Thursday, but they said that it will extend until the end of the week. Ck… ck… menyebalkan sekali. So at the moment, my office building electricty is running on genset. It needs 100 liters of solar fuel per hour on minimum usage. During work day it needs 200-300 liters on maximum usage. With the extended mati lampu, the building would need 11 millions rupiah to buy solar fuel stock to last until Sunday. Geez!

(need to get home soon. will add this post tomorrow. sorry hehe)


Happy Anniversary Dear Old Jakarta! June 22, 2007

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Today is the 480th anniversary of Jakarta. A remarkable number indeed. Once called the “Jewel from the East”, Jakarta boasts for its beautiful historical old city yet the buildings can not compete with the commercial value sought by the business atmosphere. Here, mostly, it seems everything need to be new, modern, and hi-tech. So they would tear down the building and build something. Personally, i like the old buildings. They have the aura of past and it is as if we’re in another time when we are inside it.

Anyway, happy anniversary Jakarta. Have a great weekend. I’ll write more in the next week, and perhaps with some photos :P This weekend I’ll write a gadgets review article and will go to CCF’s Fete de la Musique. Hope to have fun :)


jco-ing, sushi-ing, swim-(m)ing June 18, 2007

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The weekend started on Friday night. Went to J-Co to eat yummy donuts at Citos with friends. So good to think it was finally weekend while munching the donuts and chatting. On Saturday, as usual went to choir practising. After that, I went sushi-ing at my favorite sushi place, Poke Sushi. Super yummy! We chose the ‘all you can eat’ program and ordering sushi/sashimi all the time. On Monday, woke up late in tne morning err… it actually almost noon, doing this and that, and went swimming. So so good. I haven’t swam for couple of months and this one definitely triggered me to swim more often. I need it too to increase my lung capacity (for singing). Less than 2 months to the choir competition. Semangat!


these couple days June 15, 2007

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On my birthday night, I & my family went to see French Contemporary Circus 9.81 at Amphitheater Erasmus Huis. It was a delightful performance. One man show doing climbing movement in a beautiful way. It’s good to see that a human body could move so softly yet powerful to do that. The music was good too. Sort chill out music which went nicely with the body movements. After seeing the show, we went to have late dinner at our favorite ayam goreng stall in blok m. It’s good to get together, eat dinner, and talk about things. I had a good time and I’m happy :)

Last night, I went to the opening of “Camouflage” the artworks of Hamad Khalaf at Cemara 6 Gallery. The artworks use the idea of connecting War and Archaeological Artifacts from Greek mythology. Khalaf who originally from Kuwait, painted them on big size fiber plates and artifacts from war, such as helmets, boots, gloves. It’s quite amusing to see them as if they were truly Greek mythology artifacts.

I’m sorry I don’t have pictures for the stories above. I hope the links will do. Have a good weekend everyone!


Don’t Stop Me Now June 13, 2007

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Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time
I feel alive
And the world I’ll turn it inside out yeah
I’m floating around in ecstasy
So don’t stop me now
Don’t stop me
’cause I’m having a good time
Having a good time

(Don’t Stop Me Now – QUEEN)

Today is my birthday! The good thing about birthday is when your family and friends whose dear to you could share it with you. Also the good vibe of the day makes me smile all the time since I woke up this morning, err corrected…, since last night :)

Last night I went to see Riri Riza’s newest film 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya at Blitz Jakarta. Before we saw the film, we listened to the live performance of Float, the music group for the film soundtrack. They played good. I know their music since 2005 and really enjoy listening to it. The film was good, especially the script. It was a kind of festival film type, yet we could relate with the story. The story itself is extraordinary for indonesian people since it tells about sex attraction in a straightforward way, beatifully made ofcourse. Ah, I should write a totally different blog entry to review the film, hehe.

Anyway, I spent the first hour of June 13th on the way back home after seeing a good movie, went with good friends, had a good sleep. I plan to have a good time today and I will :)


Downtown Jakarta at Night June 5, 2007

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It’s surprisingly a beautiful night view. Compare to the polluted looking at day, this one looked like shining jewels. The houses below are in dark. This view was taken from my office building rooftop on 9th floor.


where i have been lately

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Been singing here and there… also practising for the upcoming competition in late August’07 in Bandung. That’s one of them, hehe..

Actually, making myself write for this blog everyday is quite hard. I’d like to show new pic with every new post but unfortunately I don’t have a digcam. I think, it just me making an excuse for not to write :P

Anyway, this pic was taken when we did backing choir for Gita Gutawa at Transtv live on May 20th, 2007.